Fida International Privacy Policy

Recorder and contact person in registered matters
Fida International, (0280613-9) Tulppatie 20, 00880 Helsinki
Contact person: Hanna Vaara

Partners and networks of Fida International

1. Registered

Partners of Fida International
Networks of Fida International
Contacts within this group are either partners with whom Fida International has an agreement such as partnership agreement, memorandum of understanding, project agreement or other agreement, or they are important contacts in networking and collaborations.

2. Purpose and Basis of Handling of Personal Data

The primary reason for handling personal data is the relationship between Fida and
their partner/network organisations/movements/networks (including their respective contact
people). In addition, we maintain the contact of the people who have expressed their wish
to be included into the information flow.

Furthermore, there is the data of people who have previously attended Fida Partnership Seminar or other Fida organised events, and who wish to receive further information concerning our events.

Personal data can be processed for the following purposes:

  • Management, implementation, development and follow-up of the relationship described above, customer service and related communications and marketing
  • Analysis, research and grouping and reporting of customer relationships, and other purposes related to the development of overall Fida operations
  • Collection and processing of customer feedback and customer satisfaction data

Processing tasks can be outsourced to third party service providers in accordance with and within the limits set by the data protection legislation.

3. Content of the Database

The data may be stored, for example, as follows:

  • Name, address, telephone number, email address, movement/organisation and role in it, status of movement/organisation/network in question and other necessary contact information
  • Partnership, donation and communications information
  • Data processing information, such as a record date and a data source
4. Regular Data Sources

Primarily the contact information is obtained from the contacts themselves, letters of agreement or the staff members of Fida International with whom the recorded is in collaboration/contact.

5. Personal Data Protection and Security

Access to digital material is limited to the personal username and password of a legitimate employee. There are different levels of user privileges, and each user is given sufficient, but limited access to the task. Personal information is protected against external use and the use of information is monitored. Used workstations and digital files are encrypted. Possible printed records are kept in a locked location where only authorized people can access it.

6. Storage Time of Personal Data

Fida retains personal data in the customer register until the customer or other relationship between the registered and Fida can be considered terminated. The termination time is determined by the last-time contact of the registered user and is up to two years.

7. Regulatory Disclosures and Transfer of Information

Information will not be disclosed to third parties. Personal data is kept in the association’s own registry. It may also be disclosed to a system maintained by an external partner only if the maintainer / service provider of the registry is an outsider who commits to the privacy legislation terms of privacy and this privacy statement.

8. Rights Related to Personal Data Processing

The registrar has the right to check what information about him / her has been deposited in Fida database:
Right to:

  • obtain information on the processing of their personal data;
  • have access to your personal information and verify the personal information processed by the Association;
  • require correction and supplementation of inaccurate and incorrect personal data;
  • require the removal of their personal data;
  • object to the processing of his / her personal data on a basis related to his / her personal situation, insofar as the legitimate interest of the association is based on the processing of personal data;
  • to obtain personal data in a form that is capable of being processed and to transfer that information to another registrar,

The registrars must submit a request for execution of the right mentioned above in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Statement. The association may ask the registrar to specify its request in writing and to confirm the registered identity before processing the request. The association may refuse to execute the request on the basis of the applicable law.

9. Right to Complain to the Supervisory Authority

Each registrant has the right to appeal to the relevant supervisory authority or to the supervisory authority of the Member State of the European Union in which the registered place of residence or workplace is located if the registrar considers that his or her personal data has not been processed in accordance with applicable data protection practices.

10. Contact

Requests for the use of registered rights, questions about this privacy statement and other contact information should be sent by email to: The registrar may also make contact personally or in writing at the following address: Fida International ry, P.O Box 105, 00811 Helsinki, Finland.

11. Changes to this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time, for example, as legislation changes. This Statement was last updated May 24th 2018.