School Child Advocacy in Bangladesh – A Safe Educational Path for All

Bangladeshilaisia koululaisia istumassa lattialla vihreissä koulupuvuissa.

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. Twenty percent of the population live in poverty and 15% are malnourished.

People are mostly unaware of children’s rights, and school drop-out rates are high due to child marriage or child labour. Nearly 40% of the students drop out of school, and over 50% of the girls are married under the age of 18. Families lack the financial sustainability to send their children to school.  

Support for children’s right to education

Fida’s Country Programme aims to reduce the number of school dropouts and secure a safe educational path for children, especially in the rural areas . The goal is to increase people’s understanding of children’s rights so that children can continue their education, instead of ending up in child labour or early marriage.

Fida partners with Bangladesh Assemblies of God churches and their NGO Ashirbad which maintains 40 schools in Western and Southern Bangladesh. 

Advancing inclusive education and families livelihoods

The Country Programme includes lessons and workshops on children’s rights. Focus is on advancing the rights of girls and children with disabilities. Teachers receive training on counselling, psychosocial support and inclusive education.

Cooperative Societies are established to offer livelihood possibilities for single-parent families and families with members with disabilities. Communities receive information and a safe space to openly discuss sexual and reproductive health and rights related issues.