Ethiopia Peacebuilding and Women and Youth Empowerment Programme

Kaksi pientä etiopialaista lasta leikkii kadulla vanhalla auton renkaalla.

Ethiopia has a long history of conflict. Some of the underlying causes of conflicts and insecurity in the country include ethnic and religious rivalries.

The recent upheavals in northern Ethiopia have further deepened divisions across the country. This has resulted in a critical rise in the number of displaced persons, loss of lives and hunger. The conflict is exacerbated by high rates of unemployment, especially among youth and women. 

Empowering girls, women, and persons with disabilities

Fida’s Country Programme aims to address two key challenges in the target communities: conflict and insecurity, and unemployment among women and youth. Girls and women, as well as youth and persons with disabilities are empowered to actively participate in the peacebuilding processes. They also receive vocational training and support in entrepreneurship skills.

Fida’s partners are Ethiopian Guenet Church Development and Welfare Organization and Ethiopian Mulu Wongel Amagnoch Church Development Commission. The partners’ capacity to independently advocate and lead peace processes is strengthened through peacebuilding forums. 

Work is carried out in nine areas: Addis Ababa, Adama, Bahir Dar, Dessie, Hawassa, Nekemte, Shashamane, Wolmera and Wolayta Sodo.