Our Values

Our Values

Our work is based on Christian values.


Christianity means caring: standing with the weak and persevering in doing good.

Christianity is optimism: we believe in a better future. We are striving and praying for it.

Christianity equals strong commitment by our staff: we are called to serve.

Christianity is also evident in our background: our organisation belongs to the Finnish Pentecostal Churches and our partners abroad are mostly Pentecostal churches or other Christian organisations.

We respect human dignity

Human dignity is inherent and unconditional. We believe that every person has been created in God’s image, and as such, is unique and immeasurably valuable. Gender, ethnic background, worldview, religion, education, wealth or health does not diminish this uniqueness and value.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is important in safeguarding human dignity. It was drafted by the UN and approved on 10 December 1948.

Renewing and being renewed

Only change is permanent. We are working in an ever-changing reality, interacting with millions of people both in Finland and all over the world. This challenges us to observe the signals for change, to evaluate our work and generate new ideas.  We are happy to accept feedback and are willing to learn from it.

We want to be a reliable partner

The word ’fida’ means faithful and trustworthy. However, trust is not created through pretty words, but built through interaction between people. Our work becomes visible through the change experienced by the millions of people we reach around the world, including our partners and supporters in Finland.

You can read more of the trustworthiness of Fida here.

We are not changing the world on our own but in cooperation with our partners. We think that a genuine partnership is based on mutual appreciation, consideration and equal dialogue. Partnership is not a theoretical concept, but working together – sometimes even making mistakes together – and mutual learning.