Innovative Education and Peaceful Living Environment for Children and Youth in Iraq

Kolme tyttöä mutaisella kadulla. Kaksi tytöistä kävelee, yksi tytöistä on pyörätuolissa, jota toinen tytöistä työntää. Pyörätuolissa olevalla tytöllä ei ole jalkoja.

The situation in Iraq is fragile after the cycle of conflict, war and ISIS rule. Nearly half of the population live in poverty. Children’s right to education is unfulfilled in most parts of the country due to poor access to education and a severe lack of resources.

Conditions are especially dire in Kurdistan, where children and youth have long lived in the midst of conflict and instability.  

Promoting inclusive education and the rights of children with disabilities

Fida’s Country Programme aims to ensure quality education and a safe living environment for children and youth in Iraq. The goal is to reduce dropout rates and bullying in schools, and to raise awareness on the rights of children with disabilities.

Fida partners with several local organisations, including Together to Protect Human and Environment Association, Halabja Disabled Organisation, Yes We Can – Network of local NGOS, and Assemblies of God Kurdistan. Work is implemented in four locations: Erbil, Halabja, Ninewa and Kirkuk. 

‘ Sustainable School’ model expanded to new schools

Teachers are trained on inclusive education and child-led teaching methods. The sustainable school model, as well as the accompanying teacher’s guide are expanded to new schools. Access to education for children with disabilities is promoted through awareness raising campaigns. Children learn about their rights in clubs and camps. Communities receive training and seminars for psychosocial support.

Entpreneurship training and mentoring programme for unemployed youth

Fida, in cooperation with partner organisation Together, universities and private companies, pilots an entrepreneurship training and mentoring programme. Its aim is to provide opportunities for young people in vulnerable situations, such as refugees, to start new businesses and contribute to building a more innovation-friendly society.