Congratulations! You are lucky because you are able to read and have opened our web pages. Everyone is not as lucky as there are about 750 million adults and over 600 million school-age children in the world who cannot read.

For many children in the world, going to school is just a distant dream. Education is the key that can lead them from a life of poverty to hope and a future. Could you be the one to give that key to a child who is less fortunate?

As a sponsor, you can change the whole world of one child. At the same time, you are helping the whole community.

How does your help work?

Our work reaches the most vulnerable children. They need your help because of extreme poverty, unwell parents, social problems, or because they are orphans. Our aim is to bring about lasting change in the life of the child and of the community at large.

With sponsors support, these children:

  • have access to preschool, school and kids’ clubs
  • have access to healthcare
  • have a safe environment to grow up in
  • have opportunities for play and hobbies


  • provide families with livelihoods
  • improve the health of families
  • build schools and toilets, and provide clean water
  • improve the rights and living standard of the most vulnerable
  • empower the community to help itself


  • You are the star who brings a glimmer of hope into children’s lives.
  • Your help reaches the kids, which is our heartfelt promise. The portion of our funds used for the benefit of people in the poor countries is at the forefront of Finnish charities.
  • Sponsorship is real. You will get a letter or drawing once a year from a child.
  • You will get information on children’s life through newsletters emails.
  • You will be happier. According to studies, doing good increases one’s own happiness.


  • You can support the children of Burundi or Uganda.
  • You sponsor the children of the whole community.
  • The amount of the support is at least 30 USD or 40 CAD per month.
  • You determine the length of your support. We recommend supporting children as long as Fida’s work at the location continues.
  • Extra donations can be given as often as you wish.

Become a sponsor for

You can become a sponsor by filling out the form below. Sponsorship fees are paid either by check or credit card to the Great Commission Foundation (GCF) website in Canada or Friends of the Great Commission website in USA. We’ll send you more detailed payment instructions once you’ve completed the form below and clicked the on Sign up button.