Humanitarian aid

Saving lives and protecting human dignity

Together with our local partners, we aim to strengthen human dignity in the midst of crises by helping communities affected by protracted crises to return to everyday life, including supporting access to education. We support the emotional well-being of refugees and work to secure their livelihoods for the future. We deliver lifesaving assistance including food, psychosocial support, education in emergencies, cash and non-food items to those in need.

We focus especially on helping children, person with disabilities, elderly people, women and people affected by sexual and gender based violence.

Fida currently has humanitarian aid work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine and Yemen with the support of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, we provide disaster relief with donated funds in many sudden crises.

Fida adheres to the global humanitarian principles, quality standards and ethical guidelines. The principles of aid are defined in international humanitarian law, human rights treaties and refugee law.

Fida has been awarded partnership status by the EU’s Humanitarian Aid department ECHO (see partnership certificate here).

Our humanitarian operations are largely funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland as well as private donors.

Responding to the deepening crisis in Ukraine

17.7 million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance. Fida is delivering aid to Ukrainians in the middle of the crisis. Coordinated from Kiev, our work enables people affected by the crisis, including children, to have tools to deal with traumatic experiences.


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Humanitarian aid in Yemen

Yemen has one of the world’s most difficult humanitarian crisis. The civil war has been on-going for eight long years. Since the outbreak of the war, six million children have been born in Yemen who know nothing but war. Severe malnutrition among children under five is more common in Yemen than anywhere else in the world.

Fida delivers food aid to families in need and improves child protection by providing psychosocial support groups and trauma healing education.

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Responding to the forgotten crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa’s second largest country, has suffered decades of conflict. Congo is one of the five poorest countries in the world. It is facing one of the world’s longest-running humanitarian crises.

Fida is responding to the humanitarian emergency in the provinces of South and North Kivu, together with the local partner church, CEPAC. The project improves people’s living conditions, psychosocial well-being and school possibilities. Altogether, the project is reaching 80 000 people.

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