Fida - working to bring hope and a future

About Us

Fida is a Finnish missions and development organization, currently working in almost 50 countries. Our aim is to bring hope and a future to the poorest of the poor. In particular, we are working to improve the rights of vulnerable children.

Our projects impact the lives of over three million people each year.

Our work in church relations, development cooperation and humanitarian aid stems from Christian values. We cooperate mainly with Pentecostal churches and NGOs, supporting our partners to work for the benefit of their own communities.

Fida in Finland

In Finland, Fida is known for the large chain of secondhand stores with a total of 25 outlets. We are pioneers of recycling and established the first charity secondhand shop in Helsinki in 1979. Today, Fida’s sorting centre in Helsinki processes more than a million kilograms of goods each year.


Fida employs approximately 40 Finnish and 300 local people in development projects overseas. About 120 people work in the secondhand stores in Finland, and our head office in Helsinki is run by approximately 30 people.

There are approximately 170 workers commissioned and sent overseas by the Pentecostal Churches of Finland in conjunction with Fida. Most of them work in church ministries and education.


Fida values

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