Nuori tyttö katsoo kameraan.

From school bench to marriage bed

Child marriage refers to the marriage of a minor to either an adult or another minor. Quickly, without warning, and unprepared. Since underage marriages are illegal, weddings usually take place without prior warning In the darkness of night.

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Tanzania’s Pentecostal churches invest in Sunday schools

More than half of Tanzania’s population is under the age of 20. The children of big cities are a large group unreached by the gospel. Nevertheless, activities aimed at children have not been considered important in local churches. Teacher training is limited to a few seminars, and there is a shortage of both materials and teachers.  

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A Safe School Path

Would you walk eight kilometres to school every day? 12-year-old Leah from Kenya made that trip every day because the nearest school was in a neighbouring village far away. When Leah got back home from school, her evening was spent doing household chores in her family of 10: washing dishes, doing laundry, and carrying water. No wonder she always started school feeling tired and hungry.

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Aiming for 500 new churches in Ethiopia

Fida’s history in Ethiopian work goes back to 1951, when their first missionaries arrived in the country. Now the church founded by the Finns has grown to be the large Ethiopian Guenet Church with 2.1 million members. The church is one of Fida’s local partners. The head of the Church, Secretary-General Tamirat Tariku, thanks the Finns very much for sending missionaries to their country.

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