Fida evacuates employees from Ethiopia

There is an imminent threat that the raging armed conflict in northern Ethiopia will reach the capital city. As a precautionary measure, Fida evacuated its four Finnish employees and their families.

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From the street to school – Red Nose Day helps street children and young people

Red Nose Day is once again raising funds for the children of the world. Fida is one of the organizations channeling Red Nose Day help. Fida is channeling funds into its programs in Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, and Tanzania. In these countries, communities are educated about children’s rights and children’s education is supported. In addition, the funds will be used to realize the rights of children with disabilities.

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A new path for a former child soldier

Florence Akidi was abducted as a child. After her release, she joined a program aimed at former child soldiers, which enabled her to deal with her traumas. Eventually, she became the female leader of her village community.

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Girls are changing the world – happy girls’ day!

International Girls’ Day, on 11th of October, aims to support girls: to remind them of their rights and to create opportunities for them to live without discrimination and violence. We work every day to make girls’ rights to education, health and safety a reality.

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Jane escaped female genital mutilation and now she helps women to raise their voice

When Jane Naikumi was nine years old, she fled from her remote home village in Kenya. She was to undergo female genital mutilation. The procedure would make her eligible for marriage. Jane explains: “This is a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. Even though only a child, the right to be a child is taken away. Your parents will no longer look after you.” Jane ran away to another village.

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