Romani-äiti istuu sängyn laidalla hätämajoituksessa.

A painful decision – my son stayed in Ukraine

Julietta sits on a mattress on the floor of the emergency accommodation. But there’s a hint of worry in the eyes of this calm, chatty 32-year-old mother. Two of her children are safely with her, but her 13-year-old son was not allowed across the border. He stayed in Ukraine with his father.

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Penkillä on kaksi pillimehua ja kaksi banaania.

Fida’s Ukraine aid expands to Moldova

The prolonged war and the escalation of the crisis has increased the need for aid in Ukraine and neighboring countries. More than five million people have already fled Ukraine. Fida is responding to the need and extending aid not only to Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia, but also to Moldova. Aid to Ukraine is also sent through Romania.

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Karibu chakula! Welcome to eat!

When you’re in the Congo, you don’t have to eat alone. The mother of the house, mama, has been busy with the pots and pans in the kitchen for some time. Good smelling vegetarian dishes, thick bean sauce, and tasty fish are brought to the table – after all, we live by the lake. Fishermen lower their nets early in the morning fog and catch fish from the lake to sell at the market.

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Nainen poimii vihanneksia.

An oasis in the middle of the desert

In the middle of the Kenyan wilderness, an oasis has been created. Research results show that clean water and farming practices developed for harsh conditions have resulted in significant change there. Unlike previous generations, children no longer suffer from hunger.

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