Nepalilainen koulutyttö koulupuvussa pitää kädessään värikästä oppikirjaa.

A bag full of joy

27,746 Nepalese children received a distance learning package from Fida when the schools closed for a long time. In Nepal, which is suffering from the corona crisis, it is not known when children will be able to return to school.

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Tommy Koponen – planking for refugee children

Tommy Koponen could hardly have imagined that the floorball team he had founded would one day be the Finnish championship team. This spring, Tommy is planking with his team for a good cause. Each minute planked will raise funds for Ugandan children in the Fida Food for Life -campaign.

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Koululaiset ikkunan ääressä

School discontinued

The consequences of the corona pandemic are already visible. Closed schools are now occupied by termites and goats. Not only have students’ studies and progress slowed, but in some cases, it has completely stopped and life has taken on a new, unwanted direction.

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Kolme lasta värikkäissä vaatteissa istuu savimajan edessä Bidibidin pakolaisalueella Ugandassa.

Insecure without a father

The war has torn families apart. Many children are orphans, have lost at least one parent, or do not know where the parent is. Children living without their parents in Bidibidi are in a precarious and vulnerable position.

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Help refugee children in Uganda!

In Uganda, South Sudanese refugees, who have fled the horrors of war, live in a the Bidibidi settlement. Families have been torn apart – most refugees are children and women – and the sense of security has broken down.

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