Aiming for 500 new churches in Ethiopia

Fida’s history in Ethiopian work goes back to 1951, when their first missionaries arrived in the country. Now the church founded by the Finns has grown to be the large Ethiopian Guenet Church with 2.1 million members. The church is one of Fida’s local partners. The head of the Church, Secretary-General Tamirat Tariku, thanks the Finns very much for sending missionaries to their country.

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Abdul can go to school by himself now

Abdul’s Grandma carried 6-year-old Abdul on her back since he was little. The boy with Troyer’s syndrome couldn’t walk. Grandma had already thought of taking Abdul out of school, because she had to spend so much time caring for and carrying Abdul. Grandma felt hopeless, which is why Abdul was also depressed.

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Romani-äiti istuu sängyn laidalla hätämajoituksessa.

A painful decision – my son stayed in Ukraine

Julietta sits on a mattress on the floor of the emergency accommodation. But there’s a hint of worry in the eyes of this calm, chatty 32-year-old mother. Two of her children are safely with her, but her 13-year-old son was not allowed across the border. He stayed in Ukraine with his father.

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Penkillä on kaksi pillimehua ja kaksi banaania.

Fida’s Ukraine aid expands to Moldova

The prolonged war and the escalation of the crisis has increased the need for aid in Ukraine and neighboring countries. More than five million people have already fled Ukraine. Fida is responding to the need and extending aid not only to Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia, but also to Moldova. Aid to Ukraine is also sent through Romania.

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