Living in Fear – Angelina’s daily life as a refugee

Slovakialainen kirkko mäen päällä.

Pregnant 23-year-old Angelina Fontos fled her home in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, after the war began. Leaving your home and the big changes in life cause concern. Angelina is staying in Fida’s emergency accommodation in Slovakia, where she told her story.

I’m from Uzhhorod, western Ukraine. I was at home when the war started. I’m three months pregnant with our first child. I was really scared of what will happen to my child if we stay in a country where there is war. So, we decided to leave. My husband was allowed to go with me because the order that every man between 18 and 60 must stay to serve in the Ukrainian army had not yet been given.

At the border we had to wait for several hours just to move ahead even a little in line. I was scared because people were jumping the queue and pushing each other.

I was afraid that someone was going to knock me down in the crowd, and that something was going to happen to the baby. In my fear, I prayed to God for help. Suddenly an officer spotted me, and I told him about my condition. He steered me away from the others so I could get out of the crowd. At that moment, God helped me!

Angelina katsoo kameraan.

We are refugees in Slovakia now. We’re staying in a place organized by the church. We’re well taken care here and have everything we need. But sometimes it’s difficult for me. I miss home in Uzhhorod because my brother and father are still there. My father is a pastor in a local church. He wanted to stay to serve the church members and help refugees coming from elsewhere.

I worry about my father and brother every day.

We heard that people are practicing going into bomb shelters in our hometown as air raid sirens are heard and some rockets have landed close by. Our village has no bomb shelters. it’s scary to think of what will happen to my father and brother if our village is bombed.

I’m scared every day, even though I’m safe myself with my sisters, my mother, and my husband.

I worry about the future. I’d like to return home, but that’s not wise, because that’s where problems increase every day. We’ve decided to continue our journey to Norway, where we have church contacts, who have promised to receive us. However, it’s a new country and a new culture. Many questions weigh on my mind regarding the big changes in our life. On the other hand, what else can I do but go towards this new life?

Thank you to everyone who has helped us. Please pray for me and my family that life in Norway would go well and everything would go well with the pregnancy?

You also can help by donating to Fida’s Ukraine Aid.