Fida’s Ukraine aid expands to Moldova

Penkillä on kaksi pillimehua ja kaksi banaania.

The prolonged war and the escalation of the crisis has increased the need for aid in Ukraine and neighboring countries. More than five million people have already fled Ukraine. Fida is responding to the need and extending aid not only to Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia, but also to Moldova. Aid to Ukraine is also sent through Romania.

The countries bordering Ukraine have been under enormous pressure since the beginning of the war. The wave of refugees is huge, and efforts to respond to it in the best possible way as quickly as possible have been made.

In Moldova, refugees already make up one fifth of the country’s population

Moldova, with a population of two and a half million, has received more than 400 000 refugees from Ukraine. That’s almost a fifth of the country’s population. Moldova is the closest country of refuge from Odessa for example. Some refugees just pass through, but others have nowhere to continue to.

So, the state, churches, and organisations work to meet the need for help. For example, a local church in Edinet, Moldova, has arranged accommodation and food aid for refugees.

– We received a message from the local church that there is no longer room for mattresses because there are so many refugees. Even a small amount of aid is very important in this situation, says Janne Harjukoski, Fida’s coordinator for work in eastern Europe, and who has just returned from assessing the situation in Moldova.

With Fida’s support, the church will be able to ensure food security for the refugees. Food has been delivered through Romania, where a church in Bahnea has already supported Moldovans for a long time. Fida wants to be involved in helping through this established link.

– This is especially important now, where there is a fear that the war will spread to tiny Moldova as well. It is good to walk alongside those who are already helping, Harjukoski emphasises.

Emergency aid to Ukraine is also sent through Romania

Last week, Fida sent its first grant of €23,000 to Romania. With this help, the Romanian Pentecostal Foreign Mission Agency is procuring loads of aid items, mainly food and hygiene supplies. The aid will be delivered by small trucks from Romania to Ukraine, where local churches will distribute the aid to all those who need it.


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