Fida promotes children’s rights

Children have the right to go to school

In 2020, we strengthened 121,000 children’s right for education.

We create awareness so that both children and parents understand the importance of education. We organize trainings about the rights of children with disabilities, and the attitudes of communities have really changed. In Congo and Iraq, more than 900 children with disabilities have been able to attend school thanks to our advocacy work.

Corona has closed schools and as many as 1.5 billion children have been out of school during the pandemic. In Nepal, we distributed distance school packages to more than 27,000 children when schools closed due to corona.

We also promote menstrual and reproductive health so that no girl’s school is interrupted due to menstruation. In East Africa, more than 6,000 girls participated in our menstrual health training. As a result of our work, child marriages, poor menstrual hygiene, and sexually transmitted diseases are reduced.

Children have the right to security and care

Children have the right to be treated well and to receive care. We train communities to respect the rights of the child and to protect children from abuse. We prevent violence by providing psychosocial support and train local partners on child protection. This creates a safer living environment for children and reduces the risk of children being exploited, abused or, at worst, trafficked.

Children in conflict areas in particular need safety and care. We support child-friendly planning, such as play areas in refugee camps, and educate communities about the special support a child needs in difficult circumstances, Syria, Iraq, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Children have the right to nutritious food

In 2020, we distributed food aid to more than 41,000 people, most of them families with children.

In Yemen, 2,000 families who escaped conflict and fighting receive food aid every month. In East Africa, the nutrition and livelihood of families will be improved, teaching sustainable cultivation methods and donating seeds. In Burundi, for example, the food security of up to 600 families has improved thanks to our work.

How can you make an impact?

The task of us adults is to ensure that children’s rights are realized for every child, both in Finland and the world.

You can promote children’s rights by supporting Fida’s work: You can donate, act as a sponsor, participate in global education classes, or follow and share information about Fida’s work on social media channels. Thank you for supporting children’s rights!

So that children have hope and a future!