Exercise has a healing effect on children

Francis istuu penkillä talon edessä.

It is important that children who have traumatizing experiences get to recover from these. Fida employee Francis Emechu talks about the work being done for children's rights in Bidibidi.

The objective of our work is to improve people’s well-being. By assessing the situation, we look for the root cause of the problems. There are three different components to our work: education, adequate income, and health, which together form the basis of every child’s well-being. For example, if a child is unable to study due to a lack of learning materials, we will provide them to him or her.

This is how we respond to people’s needs. Our support operates at three different levels: community, group and individual. Some problems need to be solved with the involvement of the whole community. On the other hand, some problems need to be solved with smaller groups. For example, teachers may not understand how to work with children with disabilities. They will be helped to understand the need for psychosocial support for people with disabilities. Sometimes the cause of trauma is a tragedy in a person’s life. That is when we help them get help with it.

Although working with refugees is complex, we work with a large scope of experts. Fida does not act alone, but in coordination with other organizations. We have trained and experienced staff who know how to support children in treating traumas. We first assess whether the child needs counseling or therapy. If we find that he needs medical treatment, we will refer him to the clinic. This needs assessment is done by Fida employees. If a person needs a therapist, we will refer him or her to a therapist. We advise and rehabilitate, but we do not have our own rehabilitation center. We refer people to one of Bidibidi’s three rehabilitation centers. We will continue to monitor the situation and re-evaluate, as necessary.

Sports is also a tool to treat trauma. We strive to inspire children to play and bring children together. We have found that exercise has a healing effect on some children. Children take part in sports, games, and other fun activities. If the child’s condition still does not improve, we will refer him or her to a doctor.

I proudly wear a Fida shirt every day because I know how much impact our work has in this community. We are an organization whose mission is to empower people. We share knowledge and skills to help people cope with challenges in their lives.

I speak to anyone who reads or hears this. If you can help a vulnerable person, please help. Let’s work together!

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Blog author: Francis Emechu

Blog author Francis Emechu is Fida’s project manager at Bibibidi, Uganda.