Aklil, who lives in Tigray, Ethiopia: “The aid gave me strength to keep going”

Fida has delivered emergency aid to Tigray, Ethiopia, together with the local Guenet Church.

Because it has been difficult to transport goods to the area, aid has been distributed directly into people’s bank accounts or given as a cash grant. The grant always covers one family’s food and hygiene supplies for two months at a time. About 500 families have received aid. Single parents, widows, and persons with disabilities have been chosen especially.

The 38-year-old Aklil was pregnant when she was forced to flee the conflict with her five children. The escape on foot to relatives in a neighboring town was dangerous: Aklil and her children were caught in a hail of bullets.

– I couldn’t run because of my pregnancy, so I was about to lose all hope of survival. However, with God’s help, we were able to get to our relatives,” Aklil says. Aklil and the children waited for their father to arrive to their relative’s house, but he never made it.

– My husband’s death brought great darkness to our family. I was left alone, says Aklil quietly.

However, hope has been brought by the birth of a little baby girl. After losing her husband, her income was also compromised. So Aklil also received food aid.

– God remembered us in this difficult situation. I got two months’ financial help to buy food. The aid came just before Easter. Oh, how it gave me hope! I was able to buy my children food and celebrate an important holiday for us amid all the grief. The aid gave me strength to keep going.

In Fida’s project, a professional psychologist has also trained volunteers to lead Trauma Healing events. Aklil has also participated in them.

– It was important for me that I could share my burdens with others, she says.


Fida Humantarian Aid 2021

• In 2021, Fida’s humanitarian aid reached 310,000 people in Ethiopia, Yemen, Congo (DRC) and Afghanistan.

• Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs supported our work with EUR 2.25 million.

• Afghanistan, 220 000 people received aid. In the Congo, our aid reached 70,000 people.

• In Yemen, we helped 13,793 people

Humanitarian Aid

• We provide life-saving assistance

• Support the recovery of people and communities

• We provide psychosocial support, especially for children

Fida’s aid reached 3,950 people in Ethiopia.