A Safe School Path

Would you walk eight kilometres to school every day? 12-year-old Leah from Kenya made that trip every day because the nearest school was in a neighbouring village far away. When Leah got back home from school, her evening was spent doing household chores in her family of 10: washing dishes, doing laundry, and carrying water. No wonder she always started school feeling tired and hungry.

There were also dangers along the school path: lions moved along the nearby savannah and snake bites were common. The girls were also threatened by sexual abuse on the way. Due to a long and dangerous trip to school, it was common for the girls in the village to start school only when they were about 10 years old.

With Fida’s support, Kenya’s Full Gospel Church built a school in Leah’s home village. Now the children get to school on time, can eat at home during the day, and are able to learn energetically.


  • In 2021, access to school for more than 4,200 children was made easier in Kenya with Fida’s support. School trips have been shortened, classrooms and learning materials have been developed, and school safety has improved.


  • During 2018-2021, Fida’s country programme improved school attendance of more than 9,000 children in Kenya. Ten schools were built or renovated.