A dream born in crafts class

Ononna, from Bangladesh, has been able to go to school with the support of sponsors. The eighth grader is happy about this, because the family's income would not have been enough for her education.

The income of the father, who works at a construction site, and her housewife mother, is low so the family lives in poverty in a nearby slum.

After other expenses, schooling would not have been possible, Ononna says, happy about the sponsor’s support.

Guided by qualified teachers, the girl has been allowed to grow up and learn in a safe environment. In eight years, she has learned a lot!

Besides ordinary school subjects, the school has afternoon clubs where you can study information technology, crafts, or health and children’s rights. Crafts are Ononna’s favourite, and she does them even in her free time. Clubs are very important because it is where children can spend time in a child-friendly environment and find their own strengths beyond traditional school subjects. Children are also happy about the Christmas gifts, Ononna says with a smile.

Ononna hymyilee

The last year at this school brought Ononna to a crossroads. Continuing school would increase her chances of getting ahead anywhere. But it’s not sure if it’s economically possible.

Studying is important because then I can get a good job. It will allow me to take care of myself, my family members, and later on my own family. I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up, Ononna explains.

The hours spent in the crafts class have laid the groundwork for a dream that otherwise might not have been possible. Dreams are goals that motivate you to continue. With a little giggle, she says that she dreams of a family of her own. Later, when she is an adult.

Thank you sponsors! Without their support, I couldn’t have studied!

Let’s pray that the dream shaped by the hours spent in crafts class gets wings!