Fida’s Whistleblow Channel

We strive to be a safe, ethical and responsible actor. In case we have failed, please report your suspicion with the form at the bottom of this page.

The name Fida comes from the Latin words “faithful and reliable”. We want to be worthy of our name: a reliable Finnish actor that, together with its partners, is committed to responsible and safe operations. We strive to be reliable for everyone: our employees as well as the people we collaborate with.

In its strategy, Fida emphasises its core values as a Christian, human dignity respecting, innovative and reliable partner. We have created a Safeguarding Policy, through which we ensure that each of our employees, volunteers and partner organisations as well as their representatives act with respect for human dignity.

Fida is committed to the Ethical Guidelines that guide its activities. These guidelines highlight Fida’s commitment to international human rights conventions. Principles of justice and non-discrimination are absolute values in all of Fida’s activities and communications.

Fida does not tolerate corruption or bribery in any form. As a trustworthy actor, Fida aims in its guidelines to prevent all forms of corruption and bribery.  Fida does not engage in partnerships or networks that promote corruption or discriminate against and harm people’s rights .

Fida has zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment, sexual violence, and sexual exploitation, as well as discrimination and abuse of power. Fida’s staff is expected to be committed to child protection and the creation of a safe and healthy work environment. Fida’s employees are expected to commit to principles that are stated in the Guidelines for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Violence and Exploitation.

Fida’s policies and guidelines apply to all staff in Finland and abroad as well as Fida’s registrations abroad. These principles, policies and guidelines have been created to ensure personal safety for both employees and those who Fida works with. Ethical and safe behaviour is demonstrated in daily actions and in how responsibly we carry out our tasks. It is how we ensure that our values are implemented throughout the organisation.

Report of Unethical Action

You can fill a report if you suspect or have experienced corruption, bribery or sexual harassment in Fida’s activities, including activities carried out in cooperation with partners.

All information will be treated confidentially. In order to investigate the reported suspected misconduct as reliably and efficiently as possible, please try to provide as much information as possible about the suspected misconduct. The use of the whistleblowing channel is completely anonymous. Any contact will be made through the whistleblowing channel, considering the anonymity of the person who submitted the report.

(Fida also considers the protection of the person who reported the abuse in its Safeguarding Policy. Fida complies with the Act on Whistleblower Protection (1171/2022) and the EU Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report violations of EU legislation.)

It is recommended that you provide as detailed and comprehensive information as possible on the reporting form in relation to the suspected unethical action. Filing a report under another person’s identity or otherwise providing false information is strictly prohibited. Please also note that the reporting form should not be used for improper purposes, such as intentionally causing unjustified harm to another person or organisation.

You can fill a report here.