Humanitarian response in Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine is deepening

17.7 million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance. Fida is delivering aid to Ukrainians in the middle of the crisis. Coordinated from Kiev, the work enables people affected by the crisis, including children, to have tools to deal with traumatic experiences.

The war has created a humanitarian emergency, and the effects are felt around the world. Millions of people have fled the country and more than 6 million are living as war refugees in Ukraine. The lack of electricity, winter and the absence of medical services are also having a widespread impact in western Ukraine in areas where there has been no actual military action. But the most vulnerable are the mothers and children who are forced to live in emergency shelters for long periods of time. The war threatens the mental health of children.

“The dire need for help will continue for a long time. Our partners are there to help. ” – Fida’s Humanitarian Aid Manager Maija Saarni

Fida is delivering emergency aid to Ukraine. Aid has also been delivered to refugees in Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova. Emergency aid includes food, shelter, heating and hygiene items.

Children living in the midst of war are the ones who will build the society of the future. They need coping skills and support in challenging circumstances to find the right tools to deal with their experiences.

In Ukraine, a longer-term relief project is underway with Hungarian Baptist Aid in the Transcarpathian region. Another longer-term humanitarian response is on-going in Eastern Ukraine with Kindness, a Ukrainian Pentecostal aid organisation. In addition, Fida has several smaller outreach projects in Ukraine through local churches.