Help children in the Congo crisis

Disabled children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (the Congo) suffer in two ways: from decades of prolonged conflict, and heart wrenching discrimination.

Because of their disabilities amidst the conflict, they are the most vulnerable.

Your support will help conflict effected disabled children in Congo to go to school. Be a miracle worker and donate!


Patron of the campaign

2018 Nobel Peace prize winner Denis Mukwege is Patron of the campaign. Mukwege has treated thousands of children, that are victims of rape, in Panzi hospital which he helped establish.


The campaign is endorsed by Kantele musician Ida Elina!

Check out the campaign’s theme song Saman taivaan alla on Ida Elina’s YouTube channel!


Congo – a nightmare for children

Since the Congo crisis has continued for decades, it is called a forgotten humanitarian catastrophe. Children suffer the most from conflict: over half of those fleeing are children and youth.

Cruel features of the Congolese conflict are sexual violence and the recruitment of child soldiers. Thousands of children have been forced into armed forces, and thousands of children – including babies – are raped every year in the Congo.


Disabled children suffer in two ways

Disabled children in Africa are often thought to be a curse for their families, and are usually hidden from the eyes of others. Children with disabilities experience almost four times more discrimination in the Congo than other children.

Conflict situations increase the number of children with disabilities: For each child killed in the war, three children are disabled.

Very few children with disabilities or that are war impaired can attend school in the Congo.


How does your support help in the Congo?

Fida is one of the few Finnish organizations that is still able to work in conflict-torn Congo. Fida has supported children especially in the North Kivu area, where the conflict has been severe.

Two activity centers for children have been built to support the psychosocial well-being of children.

For the next three years, our focus will be on children’s rights to attend school in the Congo.