Children of Burundi

Become a Child Sponsor and improve the living conditions of Batwa tribe oppressed children in one of the world’s poorest countries. Indigenous people in Burundi have suffered for decades from ethnic discrimination. Their position is demonstrated by the fact that, even today, Batwas cannot own land or go to the same school with other children. They live in extreme poverty.

There is poor hygiene and the children are malnourished in the Batwa villages. Infant mortality is very common. Many Batwa children do not have a birth certificate, making it almost impossible for them to go to a doctor or school. Many children who start school drop out because of poverty, discrimination or hunger. Girls are married at a young age and their school attendance is extremely rare.

A voice for forgotten children

With your support, we are fighting for children’s rights in two communities. The sponsorship program’s aim is to help 400 children attend school and receive health care in four years. With your support, we can also provide preschool education, sports and musical equipment, and help families improve their living conditions in the villages.

Community sponsorship is 30 USD or 40 CAD a month.