The Results of Our Development Work

It is estimated that Fida’s development work impacts the lives of nearly three million people each year. Work at the grass-roots level reaches the poorest of the poor. The key to our success is partnering with local churches, which are rooted in their  communities and are familiar with the local customs.

Our partner churches in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania follow child protection guidelines, which direct church activities to take children’s needs and safety into better account.

In Nepal more and more parents are sending their children to school instead of seeing them off to work. More girls are attending school, leading to a reduction in child marriages.

Sustainable development of the world is also the responsibility of the developed countries. This is good policy.’ – Harri Hakola, CEO

Over the years, child sponsorship has enabled thousands of children to escape from poverty. Their education and safety provides a strong path towards a better future. Please support this work for children by becoming a sponsor. Become a sponsor (in Finnish)