Providing Children And Adolescents With A Future

Our development cooperation work impacts the future of the world’s poorest children and adolescents.  We focus on children and families in the most vulnerable and difficult circumstances, such as the poorest and marginalised in society, children with disabilities, those impacted by hiv/aids, street children and children exposed to armed groups.

We train our partners in children’s rights, child protection and prevention of domestic, family and gender-based violence to create a safer environment for the children to grow and develop.  Our global program supports children and adolescents in education and health while promoting an adequate standard of living for the families.  This also decreases the risk of children being exposed to various types of exploitation, becoming a part of the labour force or, in the worst case, victims of human trafficking.

The children living in the regions of conflict also need special support.  We support child-friendly planning, such as play areas for refugee camps, and provide training for our partners in the special support that children require in difficult circumstances.  We are committed to the ethical guidelines of child sponsorship in our child protection policies.

It is important that we don’t just think that we understand our friends with disabilities, but that we hear directly from them how they feel and what kind of problems they have.  That’s why it’s great that the number of children with disabilities in the Children’s Parliament has increased.’

–Jema Erasto (12), Spokesperson for the Children’s Parliament, Mwanza, Tanzania