Development Cooperation Programme

During the current program period 2018-21 we focus on country-specific programmes and encourage our partners to advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable children in these regions.

Training and information about children’s rights and the status of girls and women is an important work from which entire communities benefit. Our particular focus is the children’s education and well-being. We are providing practical training on how to earn a living and maintaining good health. We are conscious of environmental protection, especially in areas affected by climate change.

Last year the development programme covered 17 countries and 32 projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Fida also receives support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland for development cooperation.

Focus on the most vulnerable groups

In development cooperation, our focus is on vulnerable people groups consisting of both children and adults: people with disabilities, people marginalized by society, the poorest, the untouchables and people with HIV/AIDS, the aged, pregnant and nursing women, as well as those who have been traumatized in conflicts, such as former child soldiers.

One way to achieve this is through our cooperation with schools and local authorities. Our efforts are multiplied by our partners who provide training and later apply the skills they have learned to their areas.

Our child sponsorship programme currently cares for approximately 10,000 children in need of shelter, food, schooling, and safety. The children are integrated into local families and communities. The child sponsorship programme joints our development programme that enables additional assistance.