Principles of ethical conduct

Fida anti-corruption policies ensure our work is ethical. Please feel free to report us if you have encountered unethical behaviour or practises in our work globally or in Finland.

This reporting form is intended to be used by any individual who encounters unethical conduct regarding Fida’s operations. Please do not report under false identity or in an attempt to unjustly discredit any organisation or individual.

Fida’s name comes from the Latin word for faithful and trustworthy. As an organisation, Fida wants to be that in all its activities, in its relationships with partners, customers and other stakeholders. Ethics is demonstrated in our daily events and choices, in how responsibly we carry out our work, and in ensuring that our values ​​are implemented in the entire organisation.

In its development cooperation work, Fida is committed to implementing the goals and principles of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs program support, and ethical rules. The strategic goal of Fida’s development cooperation is to ensure the realisation of the rights of children and young people. As a Finnish sponsorship organisation working with children, we are committed to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, it’s four general principles and Fingo’s guidelines on the ethical principles of NGO activities for children.

We do not condone any form of human dignity violations. We recognise that violations of human dignity are closely linked to discrimination and injustice. Corruption and poor governance cause and perpetuate discriminatory structures. That’s why we don’t work in partnerships or networks that favor corruption or discriminate and harm people. To ensure this, we evaluate our activities and operating environment from a human rights perspective.

Fida does not tolerate any corruption in its works. Anti-corruption procedures are integrated into all activities and good governance principles are maintained through development of transparent financial management. Any suspicion of corruption is dealt with immediately and the required measures will be taken in accordance with the legislation of the target country and Finland.

Fida has zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and violence, sexual harassment, as well discrimination and abuse of power. Mental violence and abuse of power are not allowed. Buying sex is forbidden and use of position of power or aid provided should not be used as a means of coercing sex. Fida takes the prevention of sexual harassment, exploitation and violence towards its beneficiaries and employees very seriously. Any suspicion of sexual harassment, exploitation or violence will be dealt with immediately and the required measures will be taken in accordance with the legislation of the target country and Finland.

If you notice or suspect misconduct related corruption, use the form below to report it. All information will be treated confidentially.